Solutions for ASC Administrators

Anesthesia Concepts (AC) is dedicated and focused on serving Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC).

Few providers truly understand the unique concepts and philosophies of ambulatory anesthesia and how it impacts the ambulatory surgery center. Our years of experience in multiple centers, allows us to seamlessly integrate comprehensive clinical services, as well as an efficacious business model into the ASC environment that is immediately helpful and beneficial.

Many ambulatory centers contract with anesthesia providers who are an ‘extension’ of a hospital group. These providers simply transfer to the center, but use techniques and maintain attitudes that are utilized in the in-patient setting. This is extremely inefficient in the ambulatory setting. Since Anesthesia Concepts specializes solely in ambulatory anesthesia, with its unique circumstances and requirements, we are able to bring efficiencies and improvements to the ambulatory surgery center environment.


  • Ensure a Planned Growth Orientation and team approach within the ASC.
  • AC Staff is 100% Dedicated to Each ASC Facility.
  • Centralized and Extensive Business Management Operations.
  • Required Performance Improvement Planning.


Hospital Groups vs. Anesthesia Concepts

Hospital Groups

  1. Lack of consistency of medical care between providers.
  2. Lack of consistent preoperative evaluation from provider to provider, leading to confusion in preoperative requirements for the surgeons.
  3. Generally unaware of supply and drug costs, and wasteful with supplies.
  4. Lack a sense of group participation; feel that they are “anesthesia” and aren’t there to do other types of labor.
  5. Not motivated to work harder because their ‘earnings’ are part of a larger group, rather than their specific center’s performance.
  6. Not motivated to work out the problems that arise day-to-day; they return to the hospital, and often are not there the next day.
  7. Often not motivated to participate in committees and learning seminars; it creates “extra work”.
  8. Will often sacrifice the schedule of the center to the perceived greater importance of the hospital schedule.

Anesthesia Concepts

  1. All providers have consistent medical care, utilizing the same specialized procedures and protocols.
  2. All practitioners utilize the same preoperative standards – eliminating confusion.
  3. Highly specialized and trained in cost controls, improving efficiencies and profitability.
  4. Understand that they are part of the team, and willing to help with any and all needs to improve the quality and efficiency of care.
  5. Highly motivated to work harder; as livelihood depends on the success of their center.
  6. Motivated to work out solutions since they are in the center every day.
  7. Motivated to participate at all levels because their livelihood depends on the success of the center.
  8. Always present as needed.

From these comparisons, there is enormous benefit having a dedicated and professional anesthesia team committed to the success of a specific ambulatory facility.