Pain Management

Anesthesia Concepts (AC) recognizes one of the goals of a successful anesthetic is the elimination of postoperative pain.

The elimination of postoperative pain is achieved through one of two methods – narcotics and regional nerve blocks. AC firmly believes in utilizing pain blocks when applicable. Our technique differs somewhat from that of other providers. It is well known that a block performed before incision is ultimately more effective than a block administered after the incision (known as preemptive analgesia). AC always advocates the institution of pain blocks prior to surgery. Since long-acting agents are utilized, the block may take time to establish, thereby requiring a ‘light’ general anesthetic during surgery. However, as the block sets up, anesthetic agents are weaned so that by the end of the procedure, the patient emerges quickly and is discharged home expeditiously following the procedure.

Positive outcomes from this practice include:

  • Excellent pain management
  • Quicker times to discharge
  • Improved wound healing
  • Improved surgical operating conditions
  • High level of patient satisfaction

Pain blocks utilized by AC include:

  • Brachial Plexus Blocks (Interscalene, Infraclavicular, & Axillary Blocks)
  • Paralumbar Blocks
  • Femoral Nerve Blocks
  • Popliteal Nerve Blocks
  • Ankle Blocks