Company Overview

Anesthesia Concepts (AC) was originally formed as Ambulatory Anesthesia Associates in 2003 by David L. Jordan, MD.

Recognizing that many anesthesiologists are hospital-based and have little understanding of the dynamics involved in total patient care in the ambulatory environment, Dr. Jordan envisioned the need for an anesthesia company that specialized solely in ambulatory anesthesia. He believed that by concentrating exclusively on ambulatory surgery centers, improvements in quality of care, patient satisfaction, and efficient delivery of care could be achieved.

Steve Luck, MD joined Anesthesia Concepts in 2005, bringing a high level of expertise in quality management and clinical systems. He serves as Executive Vice President of Development and Chief Medical Officer. By developing consistency of patient care protocols and procedures throughout the centers that Anesthesia Concepts operates, a high level of continuity is achieved. Dr. Luck has been able to improve quality of care and overall patient satisfaction. He has reduced post-operative nausea and pain levels to absolute minimal levels, very often approaching zero by implementing systems thoughtfully tailored for each perioperative phase.

Mr. Lewie Anderson brings a background in management, billing and contracting operations. The majority of anesthesia providers do not enjoy the business management aspect of delivering anesthesia care; in fact, many prefer to outsource this component of the business. However, due to a lack of internal controls and monitoring systems, this often engenders inefficiencies between the individual practitioners and how their practice is administered and services are billed. By creating and developing a centralized business operation, Mr. Anderson is able to institute tight systems and process controls, auditing procedures, random process monitoring, and frequent reporting.

By recruiting highly-qualified, motivated personnel, Anesthesia Concepts has grown to its current size, providing professional anesthesia services in multiple ambulatory surgery centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Being owned and operated by a team of professionals who are dedicated solely to ambulatory anesthesia, Anesthesia Concepts provides unique, very high quality professional anesthesia services utilizing the most efficient methods possible. While there are many anesthesia groups that provide professional services, there are very few that provide these services solely in the ambulatory setting in multiple centers.